075: Helping A Child With Autism Connect Meaningfully – A Conversation With Dad and Social Support Worker Erik Wagter

I knew my conversation with today’s guest, a trainer of educators and social workers, would help you become skilled at resolving conflicts in your home. What I didn’t expect – and was so joyfully surprised about – was how forthcoming this father of two would be in sharing his family’s story of helping their oldest son, diagnosed with autism at a very young age, connect with his family in a meaningful way.

Erik Wagter and his wife Sally took son Tim’s education and well-being into their hands, choosing to homeschool starting from when Tim was in primary school. I had goosebumps as Erik share the rewards of all their hard work (and, the hard work itself.)

Whether you have a child with a special need or not, you’re going to love this episode. Erik shares his family’s terrific story, and how you can resolve conflicts and have a better relationship with your young child.

Click here or go to weturnedoutokay.com/075 to listen, and for the key links Erik shares in today’s’s episode!

Key Links:

Go to inspiringsolutionsforautism.com to learn more about Erik and Sally’s son, Tim, and the journey the entire Wagter family has been on in helping Tim connect meaningfully with the world.

Today, Erik shares how helpful one particular organization was in helping Tim connect: go to son-rise.org to find out more about them!

To learn more about Erik’s work as a trainer of educators and social workers, and to connect with him, go to solutionfocused.co.uk.

Click this link to check out Positive Discipline Ninja Tactics: Key Tools to Handle Every Temper Tantrum, Keep Your Cool, and Enjoy Life With Your Young Child, the book I wrote for you if you need some concrete tools to use in the tough moments in parenting your young child. Back when I struggled to enjoy Max and Jay’s early childhoods, these tools really helped me maintain my sanity and do a lot less yelling. I hope they’ll help you as well!