078: How to Advocate for Happiness – No Impact Man Colin Beavan Is My Guest Today!

colin-painting-roofToday’s guest Colin Beavan appeared on The Colbert Report, The Today Show, and many other talk shows when he first started on a quest to live a good life while limiting the amount of Earth’s resources he and his family used, a year-long journey documented in his No Impact Man blog, book, and later documentary.

If you’ve ever felt unsure of how to approach finding happiness, if you’ve ever worried about the condition of the world we are leaving for our children, if you – like me – are unclear on the definition of the word agency and how it relates to your life, you are going to love today’s’s episode.

Colin has a new book out, How to Be Alive, a guide to finding happiness while advocating for our world, our communities, and our families. My favorite section – dog-eared and with my written notes all over the place – is called Who to Parent, and we have a great conversation in today’s episode about what those words really mean.

We also talk about how Colin and his family do not have chickens; I learn the definition of the word “agency;” and Colin helps you figure out how to surmount the challenges you may be facing in your life as a parent.

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Key Links:

For Colin’s No Impact Man blog and book, click here.

Click here to check out his latest book, How to Be Alive, and click here to check out an older book of Colin’s, Operation Jedburgh, about American spies behind enemy lines in World War II (and which I’m reading at this very moment.)

You can read – for FREE – the introduction to Positive Discipline Ninja Tactics, the recently-published book I wrote for you if you are struggling to enjoy life as the parent of a young child! Click here or go to Amazon.com to check it out.