081: What I Learned In Helping My Parents While My Dad Had Emergency Brain Surgery Last Month (Yes, This Really Just Happened)

About three weeks ago, my father required brain surgery to fix a subdural hematoma that he sustained while skiing two months previously. My husband Ben held the fort here at home while I flew out to be with my folks; today I’m sharing what I learned during the ten days I spent with them. (Dad is doing very well and on the mend.)
This episode comes in three parts: first, I share about what I learned during the ten days I spent with Mom and Dad surrounding Dad’s surgery.
Next, we are rebroadcasting the father’s day bonus episode from June 2015, my conversation with my Dad; finally, we are rebroadcasting the mother’s day bonus episode from May 2015, my conversation with my Mom (my favorite part: when she describes her Stuffed Zucchini Theory of parenting young children 🙂
Today’s episode is unusual, and not what I was planning at all – sometimes life intervenes, and that’s just, well, life. I bring it to you in hopes you can learn something from my experience. I hope it resonates with you, dear listener, and helps you remember how important family bonds are.