084: How – and Why – to Put Your Oxygen Mask On First: A Conversation with the Mom Behind happyhealthycaregiver.com, Elizabeth Miller

Do You you sometimes feel caught between competing demands in your life: work is pulling you one way, kids another, taking care of yourself a distant third?

My guest today, Elizabeth Miller of happyhealthycaregiver.com, knows your pain. In fact, a few years ago she added another demand on top of these when her father passed away and her chronically ill mother moved close to Elizabeth so she and her siblings could care for their Mom.

Elizabeth writes about that time in her life: “I was stressed, overwhelmed and often felt like I was suffocating by my never-ending to-do lists.”

After looking for a support network for others like her, caught in the middle as the so-called sandwich generation, Elizabeth created the support she needed by founding Happy Healthy Caregiver; now, she helps many others transcend the overwhelm she was feeling, while simultaneously caring for parents, children, and themselves.

Today, Elizabeth joins me to talk about how parents of young children – with all the work-life balance issues this stage of life brings – can enjoy family life and a great relationship with their children!

Click here or go to weturnedoutokay.com/084 to listen, and for key links, including to a fantastic meditation app and a book which has helped Elizabeth understand her loved ones better.

Key Links:

Click here to check out the Calm app, which Elizabeth swears by as a key way she’s found to enjoy life more and make everything easier.

Click here to go to the 5 Love Languages page in Amazon; this book helped Elizabeth understand her loved ones better, and I’m in favor of anything that does that!

Click here to check out Positive Discipline Ninja Tactics: Key Tools to Handle Every Temper Tantrum, Keep Your Cool, and Enjoy Life With Your Young Child at Amazon.com. It’s the book I wrote for you, if you are in the thick of raising young children and just need some good hacks and concrete tools to maintain your sanity and create a good relationship with your kids.