090: Two Key Steps to Helping Your Child Learn To Swim – Summer Camp Continues!

Do you, like me, worry about your son or daughter drowning during a day at the pool or the beach?

When my two boys were small, I was given some great advice about keeping them safe while swimming, and that’s what today’s Summer Camp Episode is all about.20160703-406

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To really help your child learn to swim, here are the two recommendations we talk about in today’s’s episode:

1) years ago, a swim instructor who had worked with children for decades gave me this great advice: when you’re in the water with your young child, act as if getting splashed in the face is perfectly normal and to be expected. Smile as you’re getting splashed in the face, when it happens to your child don’t make a big deal about it – swimming means getting water in your face.
I recently saw a great example of this with my second cousin once removed, who is just sixteen months old and absolutely in love with the end of the slip and slide where you’re constantly getting water in your face.

2) be sure that it is the child’s intrinsic motivation – not yours or somebody else’s – that guides your child to move away from you in the water, or try new things such as going underwater. Until such time as her curiosity or desire for independence takes over, please use a flotation device such as a back-style floaty, worn on the back and with removable panels for different levels of buoyancy.
There will come a day when your child swims away under his or her own power and that is an awesome day – make it possible by allowing your child to determine when it happens!

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