094: One Way You’ve Probably Never Thought Of To Make Epic Sand Castles: Week 5 of Summer Camp at We Turned Out Okay

sand mountain buildingIt’s probably not an essential skill, but sandcastle-building really appeals to our imaginations. Plus, it’s fun!

Today I share a fantastic and fun book which, in addition to giving the secret to building truly epic sandcastles, also gives strategies to win many of your favorite games, like Risk, Jenga, Connect Four, and pillow fighting.

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So, here’s what you do to build an amazing sandcastle, straight from the lips of professional sandcastle sculptor Matt Long, via the outstanding book How to Win Games and Beat People: Take a bucket and “cut the bottom off.”

First of all, if you are a person who enjoys winning games fair and square by employing proven strategies – like that from stone-skipping-world-record-holder Kurt Steiner, who’s skipped a stone 88 times in one go – you are going to love How to Win Games and Beat People by Tom Whipple. I read from the book in today’s episode, regarding sandcastle-building, but can’t recommend the book highly enough for its fun and strategic approach to gameplaying.

But back to sandcastles! Cutting the bottom off of a pail, or a plastic container with slightly slanted sides – or better yet, a few different -sized containers – and setting them in place on the beach so that all you have to do is pull your container off after filling it with sand and water reportedly gives you a pure, solid, immovable block of sand as the base for your sandcastle.

We are SO trying that next time we go to the beach!

Key Links:

Click here for the Amazon page where you’ll find How to Win Games and Beat People: Demolish your family and friends at over thirty classic games with advice from an international array of experts! By science editor of The Times of London Tom Whipple