096: How Puppets Can Help You Learn About Your Child – And Have Fun Too! Week 6 of Summer Camp

Today’s show is all about puppets – good fun, and an often-unrecognized key tool to getting to know your child on a whole new level.

Kids talk to puppets.
They see puppets as people, as their own individual entities, not cloth or paper stuck on the end of somebody’s arm… As I think about it, even though I’m a grown woman myself, I still see puppets in this way! Maybe you do too.
If you want to really get to know your child, and have a few laughs as well, grab a puppet, or stuffed animal, sit down somewhere and just wait for your son or daughter to catch that puppet’s eye.

Click weturnedoutokay.com/096 for key links, including to the wonderful documentary I Am Big Bird, about legendary puppeteer Caroll Spinney, to listen to this week’s Summer Camp episode, and to read about why puppets are such a great learning tool!

Puppets don’t judge kids; I think that’s at the very heart of why kids love puppets so much.
To get the most out of your puppet-child conversation, be sure that the puppet asks many questions and really acknowledges the child’s feelings. Also, laugh a lot while using a puppet.

Any sort of puppet will do: finger puppets, popsicle-stick puppets, shadow-puppets (which I do talk about how to make during this episode), stuffed animals…

One word of caution: sock-or paper-bag-puppets, on a kid’s arm, the kind that turn a hand into a fist, create conditions for extreme silliness – which is fun, but not ideal conditions for good conversation with your child.

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Key Links:
We talk about the wonderful documentary I Am Big Bird, in today’s’s show. I recently watched this movie about Caroll Spinney, the man behind Oscar the Grouch and Big Bird; find out more about this documentary by watching the trailer here.

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