101: Science Comes Out Swinging in Our Final Podcast Field Trip of The Summer

Maybe you’ve heard of studies showing that, the more facts you place in front of someone who disagrees with your position, the less likely they are to agree with you?

Science Versus, a new podcast from the juggernaut Gimlet Media, takes an unusual approach to looking at the many things we humans can disagree on, and I love it. Host Wendy Zuckerman, with her delightful Australian accent and ability to be neutral on some pretty charged issues, investigates every aspect of each episode’s subject.

Today, our podcast field trip looks at a divisive issue among us parents: Attachment Parenting. Click weturnedoutokay.com/101 for key links to see how attachment parenting stacks up against science!

Key Links:
Here is the Science Versus webpage, so you can get an overview of all their episodes so far.

Click this link for the podcast notes for the Attachment Parenting show specifically.

Write to me at weturnedoutokay.com/contact to let me know what you thought of host Wendy Zuckerman’s take on attachment parenting!