114: How Your Family’s Schedule Makes or Breaks Your Time Together – A Your Child Explained Episode

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This past Tuesday, my conversation with mom and broadcast journalist Cheryl Tan ranged among many important topics, including how to talk to our kids about current events and tough stuff, and how to feel better about this election. (Go to weturnedoutokay.com/113 for my conversation with Cheryl.)

One aspect of our talk resonated with me as a great subject to dive into in a Your Child Explained episode: a family schedule that works for everybody.

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In our conversation Tuesday, Cheryl explains her family schedule like this:
– 2:15 AM: wake up, go to work while husband runs the morning at home
– 3 PM: get kids off the bus, attend to homework/dinner/sports
– 8:15 PM: get everybody to bed, including herself

That may not work for everyone. (It sure wouldn’t work here in the Kolp home!)

But the important thing is: it works for Cheryl, her husband, and their three sons.

The key thing when putting together a schedule for our families is to try and keep consistent mealtimes, awake times, and sleep times.

Notice: I’m not advocating for a rigid schedule, one that has no room for flexibility. I think that kind of schedule would be the death of us all!

But trying to keep more or less consistent is definitely a goal to shoot for.

Looking at it from inside our kids’ heads, they like consistency because they know what to expect; in fact, when we parents are fairly consistent, it serves to help the kids when we have to go out of routine.

So, what does your schedule look like? Please share!

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Click here for my conversation with Cheryl Tan, from Tuesday, October 25, 2016.