123: Helping Sabrina Manage Overwhelm and Expectations: A Your Child Explained Episode

Sabrina's daughters visiting Santa.
Sabrina’s daughters visiting Santa.

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Today, Ninja Parenting Community member Sabrina shares about the concerns she’s having right now: how to manage her children’s expectations, everyone’s feelings of overwhelm – and balancing her own needs with the needs of her family.

Recorded in early December, Sabrina has both a daughter’s birthday coming up as well as the busy and overwhelming-in-and-of-itself holiday season.

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In our forums, Sabrina recently wrote:

“I’d like to know about how to set expectations with kids. It was great traveling last year because we could keep presents to a minimum. I’d much prefer giving them an experience, or donating to kids in need, than buying lots of presents. I realize though, that seeing lots of presents under a tree is part of what makes Christmas magical for kids. Amy’s birthday is the week before Christmas, so we have a double whammy!”

During our call, this caring mom shared about a feeling that many of us experience at this time of year: how to balance our wants and needs with those of our kids and the rest of our family.

Specifically, for several years now Sabrina has sacrificed her ideals of how to decorate for Christmas, giving in to what her two young girls want.

It may not seem like a big deal on its face. But during the whole Christmas season, Sabrina’s every day visual and kinesthetic needs are not being met!

We talk about how to bring that up within her family, and also about how to make family time during this season emphasize quality time, how the traditions that Sabrina’s family has built up over the years truly make this season a great one for raising children.


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Sabrina’s book, Hannah and Amy Go to Peru, is the first in her series about the year that Sabrina and her family traveled the world. Click here to check out the book in Amazon!