124: How to Help Your Kids with Anxiety Over New Situations, Travel and Family Edition – Holiday Survival Guide, Part 2

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Recently I did an episode called How to Help Kids Cope with Anxiety Over New Situations, episode 117 – and it got near-record downloads.

In episode 117, we helped Melissa figure out how to help her kids handle new situations better – and even how to handle new situations better herself.

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The amount of downloads made me realize something: Melissa is not the only one listening with some anxiety over new situations!

Today, I dig into the idea of anxiety, especially when travel and extended family are involved.

Recorded in December, I hope this episode helps you prepare for year-end gatherings and holiday celebrations.

If you’re listening after the holidays, it will still be helpful because new situations happen all the time, we parents often expose our kids to new situations, even outside of this season.

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How do we handle this type of situation – the crowded dining tables, the meals that last for hours, extended car or airline travel, sleeping in unfamiliar spaces such as hotel rooms or Grandma’s den?

Today, I propose that we focus on something that may seem a little counterintuitive:


Taking on our children’s perspective can be so helpful, especially when strangers/friends/extended family are exerting pressure on us.

If you’re getting criticized for giving your toddler avocado at the Christmas dinner table; when your dad mentions “you weren’t this whiny when you were small;” I’m sure you can think of a few occasions where something similar has happened to you – focusing on your child’s needs and tuning all that out is key to getting through the tougher parts of unusual situations with your child.

Having been there myself, I know that it’s pretty tough in the moment!

But it gets easier, and often your relatives end up having a grudging respect for you simply because you’re doing what your child needs.

I leave you today with a great piece of advice:

Think like a grandparent.

Think: “will this really matter in a decade?”

The negative stuff – remark from the peanut gallery, whining and other stresses – falls away (if we let it).

What we’re left with our great memories of the good moments; I share a few of my favorite “good moment” stories today.

Wishing you well as you go out and make your own “good moment” stories!

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The original How to Help Kids Cope With Anxiety over New Situations, episode 117, is available here.

Think like a grandparent – the best advice ever – originally came from We Turned Out Okay guest Daniel Wolff. Click here to listen to my conversation with Daniel!

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