127: Ending the Year with A Great Story

My brother and I were kind of mortified about the party barge – until we got on it and had a ball… Which has absolutely nothing to do with today’s story!I just love this picture of my Mom. My brother looks adorable too.

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The story I tell today really happened. The year I was nine, we headed up to Montréal from our home in New England to spend the Christmas holidays with our extended family as usual.

But this trip was anything except for “usual!”

It took us more than 54 hours to complete the trip – which normally takes 8-hours – and included many harrowing moments as my mom tried desperately to get herself and us 3 kids safely to her

Dad, my brothers, and me – on a camping trip in our beloved bunkhouse trailer.
The good old Ford Country Squire! Here we are camping – my Dad, my brothers, and me (Mom took the picture.)

once-a-year time with the family she loved and missed so much.


Click weturnedoutokay.com/127 for links to WGBH studios – where I was invited to tell this story live on stage – and to Mass Mouth, the awesome Massachusetts storytelling organization!


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Click here to go to WGBH, and here for Mass Mouth.
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