129: What to do when your boy says “that’s for girls” or vice versa – a Your Child Explained Episode

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In our first Your Child Explained episode of the new year, listener Jennifer asks:

“When my boys says, “that’s for boys” or “girls can’t do that,” is there more I could do than simply replying “you know, girls can do everything boys can do…”

The short answer: yes, there is lots more we can do to foster the gender identities of our sons and daughters.

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First, we need to try and understand where our kids are coming from.
It’s really confusing for little kids, who don’t identify as a boy or a girl based on what their body parts look like; their best understanding of their own gender identity comes from how they – and their friends – dress and what they play with.

Understanding this as parents is our first step to helping our kids understand themselves and where they fit in the world.

Second: recognize that this is a marathon, not a sprint.

Were not going to change our children’s gender attitudes in one day, or one season, or even (probably) one year.

We’re just trying to share some different perspectives with them, and be open to further discussion over gender issues…

We’re especially working hard to hear and address our kids’ questions.

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