130: How Goal-Setting Can Help You Have a Happier Parenting Life

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This early in the new year, everyone is thinking about resolutions and how to keep them; today, I’m asking you to think a little bit differently about resolutions – in fact, I’m asking you to not even use the word “resolution!”

I prefer the shorter, less-charged “goals.”

Goals can be short-term, medium-term, or long… And the goals we choose for ourselves today don’t just help us; the goals we choose and start working toward today help our children as well.

In our second-annual show about goals, I share mine, I share how I did with last year’s, and I ask you to share yours with me! (Which you can do by going to weturnedoutokay.com/contact.)

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This past year, I did well with my personal and family-type goals:
– I spent lots of time with family and friends
– I worked to support Ben and our boys in all the ways I could
– I forgave myself when I screwed up and continued with a nightly “conversation-in-the-mirror,” a tradition started in 2015 which seems pretty nuts at first, but, as you hear in this episode, has been the single most important aspect of keeping myself well.

Also, I expanded my horizons in podcasting and online:
– each week, even through my Dad’s concussion/emergency brain surgery spring and summer, and largely thanks to my producer and 19-time winner of the husband of the year award Ben, we never missed a single episode – podcasts always dropped when they were supposed to.
– With you in mind, I spoke with some amazing people, who knew things I knew that you would need to know! It’s made me so happy to serve you in this way, and I’m so excited to continue doing this : )
– I wrote a book about how to survive the tough challenges of parenting, and built a community around the book and podcast… I loved this process, I learned a lot, and now I’m super excited because the community is built out with lots of stuff to help parents of young children survive and thrive, even when things are tough (maybe, especially then)
Check out the book here, and the community here.

And now – on to 2017!

This year I tried something new: I chose a word of the year.

My word: service.

It’s helping me focus on what’s most important:
– podcast, community, free guides – everything I do for you I do with the word “service” in mind, because I have a lot of knowledge that, as the parent of young kids, I think you’d find very useful!
– loved ones – my word helped me figure out how to serve them best; I’m taking one thing off Ben’s plate each week, I’m working hard to not “ignore” our teen and tween (I share a lot about The Breakfast Club today, and that’s where this idea of ignoring kids comes from)
– me – my word is helping me treat myself well; I am doing an experiment, with food, that is really tough but also quite short – just thirty days – and I hope to come out of it knowing better what I can eat and what I can’t (what sets off my chronic illness and what doesn’t); my word is also helping me take care of myself in other ways, such as continuing to talk to myself in the mirror… Exercising… Making time for sports and hobbies that I love… Remembering the expression:

My Alone Time Is For Your Safety : )

So, that’s where I am this January!

What about you? Wishing you all the best as you work towards your goals. Please get in touch if I can help!

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