131: Happiness in Family and Work – A True Balancing Act; Talking With Dad and Business Owner Steve Mirando (Rebroadcast)

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Diving into the archives of We Turned Out Okay, and finding wonderful shows like this one which you may not have heard before (and will get something out of even if you have heard it already), seems like a fitting start to a new year.

Today’s guest, along with his wife and children, have been special people in my family’s life ever since we had the excellent luck of moving in across the street from them more than a decade ago.

We’ve watched Steve Mirando and his wife Sue support each other through a lot – having children, figuring out work-life challenges, Steve’s going to full-time school for acupuncture and then hanging out his shingle as a practicing acupuncturist… many of these all happening at the same time!

I know you’ll learn a lot from our conversation today, thanks for tuning in!

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Listen in to hear about:

1) Steve’s past as part of an improv theater troupe, and how that’s helped him cope with the surprises that life brings as a parent and business owner (check out Steve’s website, theacuworks.com, here.)

2) how critical it is to surround yourself with people who want to help you achieve your dreams – and who you want to support as they achieve theirs

3) Steve and Sue’s awesome ideas about family time, what it is and what it means to truly “spend time together”

If you take just one thing from this episode, I hope it is this: even in the really busy day-to-day that everyone with young children experiences, it is possible to connect with our spouses and children on a meaningful level every day. We can make a conscious choice to figure out how to make that happen! Steve and Sue Mirando, our across-the-street neighbors, are a great example of how to do that right.

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