133: Two Ways to Handle Your Child’s Jedi Mind Tricks

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Just about a year ago, on the Flipped Lifestyle podcast, co-host Shane Sams asked me if what I do here at We Turned Out Okay is to teach people how to combat their kids’ “evil Jedi mind tricks” – which I thought was such a great definition!

In the last few weeks my family and I saw and loved Rogue 1, and also mourned the loss of Carrie Fisher; it seems fitting to talk about all that with you today, sharing two great ways to combat your child’s Jedi mind tricks.

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Here are the 2 ways we discuss today to combat Jedi mind tricks:

1) A short and sweet, but so effective, mindset shift: The 1-Word Exercise.
I get down to the nitty-gritty of doing this exercise, and why it works, today;

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