143: Online Safety for Families – Speaking with Dad and Web Design Company President Rich Stearman

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“How do I keep my kids safe online? How do I keep my devices safe from hackers?”

If you’ve ever asked yourself either of these questions, you are going to love today’s episode.

Today’s guest, Rich Stearman, president of the web design company Ashdown Technologies, addresses these issues and lots more on the show!

Ben, our boys, and I have been really close with Rich, his wife Kathy, and their boys for decades – since before either of us couples had any kids, in fact.

Rich is our go-to guy for technology questions; I asked him onto the show so that he can be your go-to guy as well! (At least for the length of this episode : )

True to form, our conversation ranges far and wide, and there’s a lot more great parenting information in here than merely about technology.

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Rich and I discuss many aspects of digital safety, from protecting your computer against hackers to figuring out how to mentor kids as they begin venturing out onto the Internet.

Any conversation about tech and kids needs to include the work of Devorah Heitner, author of Screenwise; click here to listen to my conversation with Devorah.

I hope you enjoy today’s episode!