146: How the Wrong Kind of Pressure Damages Kids: Our First Roundtable!

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Today’s episode – which has some swears, please listen away from your kids or with headphones – is one I’ve been working on putting together for a really long time: in it, a corporate lawyer, a midwife, and I sit down in a roundtable and discuss 3 topics really relevant to you, one chosen by each of us.

Corporate lawyer and mom-of-2 Angela Gregory lived down the street from us until just a few years ago, and has been a great role model for me about how to follow your passion as the family breadwinner and support your loved ones as the kids grow up.

Midwife and mom in a blended family of five children Dina Fraize has also been a great role model, showing how to embrace the chaos in a large family and raise thoughtful, engaged young men.

We’ve been friends now for years, since our kids were pretty small, and I know you’re going to get so much out of our conversation! Or should I say, conversations… this is part one of 2 roundtables because we just had so much to talk about.

Up for discussion today: how to not raise a-holes, The French Toast Alert System and how the culture of fear really messes with parents of young children, and making sure sure that we don’t put the wrong kinds of pressure on our young kids!

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Topic 1: The French Toast Alert System
– I brought this one up because I thought it was hilarious, a system that alerts people about upcoming snowstorms by gauging the likelihood of meeting to go out and buy milk, eggs, and bread (which up here in the Northeast, as a snowstorm is bearing down, are 3 commodities that sell out fast!)
– But our conversation moves quickly to the question: are alert systems a good thing? Do they desensitize, stress out, make us pay attention to the wrong stuff?

Topic 2: How to Not Raise A-holes
– Dina brought the question of topics for today’s show to her family, and her 21-year-old came up with the idea “how to not raise an a-hole.”
– This quickly leads into attachment parenting and a general consideration of what it takes to ensure our kids aren’t jerks when they grow up.

Topic 3: Too Much Pressure
– Angela has been thinking about the pressures put on her kids since they started high school in fall 2015. The pressures on her kids, and their peers, seems crazy to her!
– We discuss: the different kinds of pressures on kids; how to shield young kids and/or help them deal with pressure.

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