149: Work-Life Balance, Unconventional Parenting, and Fostering Kids’ Authenticity – Roundtable Part 2

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Today’s episode – which has some swears, please listen away from your kids or with headphones – is one I’ve been working on putting together for a really long time: in it, a corporate lawyer, a midwife, and I sit down in a roundtable and discuss 3 topics really relevant to you, one chosen by each of us.

Corporate lawyer and mom-of-2 Angela Gregory lived down the street from us until just a few years ago, and has been a great role model for me about how to follow your passion as the family breadwinner and support your loved ones as the kids grow up.

Midwife and mom in a blended family of five children Dina Fraize has also been a great role model, showing how to embrace the chaos in a large family and raise thoughtful, engaged young men.

We’ve been friends now for years, since our kids were pretty small, and I know you’re going to get so much out of our conversation! Or should I say, conversations… this is part two of 2 roundtables because we just had so much to talk about.

Today’s topics: stay-at-home dads, the benefits of unconventional (read: “weird”) parenting, and raising kids to do what they love – even if you can’t see how that might be useful later.

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Topic 1: ” I Parent Weirdly”
– in which Dina asserts that she parents weirdly; I suggest that perhaps everyone does; Angela states she doesn’t – and we decide that “weird” is the wrong word and we all like “unconventional” better.

Topic 2: Mr. Mom
– in which Angela shares that at-home parenting wasn’t for her, and how embracing that and running with it made everybody in her home happier.

Topic 3: How do we help kids not hate their own voice?
– in which I talk about the great example my mother set when I was a young woman; a college professor asked me to join her newly-formed women’s choir, and I asked my singer mom “why would anyone want me in their choir?” – Mom told me “Don’t waste time hating your own voice.”
– We discuss the many different “voices” our kids have; Angela shares how she and her husband support their son’s love of graffiti; we all agree that the word voice is a stand-in for “authenticity,” and what a key character trait that truly is.

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