155: Your Biggest Weapon in the War Against Parental Guilt – Speaking With Returning Champion Ashley Milne-Tyte of The Broad Experience Podcast

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Today, Ashley Milne-Tyte of The Broad Experience podcast returns to We Turned Out Okay, and our conversation goes in a direction I hadn’t anticipated: how women can take on too much, become overwhelmed, and end up unhappy and possibly even ill.

Because Ashley’s podcast focuses on “women in the workplace,” our conversation starts out with the focus on women and moms. But somewhere in here, we stop talking just about women – and start talking about parents. Parental guilt is a thing, and not just among the moms!

Today’s episode is big-picture, and Ashley shares a tremendous weapon that we all have in our possession, something that helps us alleviate parental guilt and make our lives, and our children’s, better.

I hope you enjoy our conversation!

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Way back in episode 19, Ashley Milne-Tyte shared with us about how she got to where she is now: the creator and host of a podcast that helps women approach work and the workplace more positively and armed with great knowledge. The Broad Experience just hit one hundred episodes, and we celebrate that milestone in today’s We Turned Out Okay episode.

We talk challenges that women face, both in the workplace and at home, and we talk about where those challenges intersect: often, the intersection has to do with children.

A theme keeps coming up in today’s conversation, having to do with the guilt that parents feel when they take on too much and don’t know what to do. Through her years of experience and interviews with people who help women figure out the answer to this puzzle, Ashley has some great advice:

The biggest weapon we have in the war against parental guilt is the word “no.”

Figuring out what to say “no” to – there will be something, I promise – frees up time for our most important priorities (and, if we have children, it’s a safe bet they are among these most important priorities : )

It’s another simple-to-understand solution that is not necessarily easy to implement. Ashley, newly married and newly a stepmom, understands this just as well as you or I.

Check out the key links below to connect with Ashley, and to learn more from many of the sources she recommends in today’s fantastic conversation!

Key Links:

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