Podcast Episode 156: Letting Kids Experience “Natural Consequences” – A Parent-Coaching Call for Today’s Your Child Explained Episode

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Today, we’re bringing you another great parent-coaching call with one of our Ninja Parenting Community members!

Like many children, Sabrina’s youngest daughter struggles with the family’s morning routine. She likes to be independent, she doesn’t like “to be told,” and oftentimes she is not hungry for breakfast before school.

Sabrina brings up a whole host of issues having to do with routine, following the rules, and the natural consequences of a child’s actions.

If you’re experiencing any concerns in any of those areas – and with kids, who isn’t? – you’re going to love today’s episode!

Click weturnedoutokay.com/156 for the show notes and key links in today’s episode, including the link to a book Sabrina has found helpful, It’s Okay Not to Share.

The combination of desiring independence, not wanting to be told what to do, and simply not being hungry at breakfast time can be messy on busy mornings!

As we talk, the idea of letting the natural consequences – say, of not eating breakfast – happen comes up for Sabrina. She reasons that maybe her daughter would be hungrier at snack time, so together they’ll make sure she has a breakfast-type snack available at that time of day.

Natural consequences keep coming up as a way to help Sabrina’s daughter understand the results of her actions; if she forgets her water bottle, she’ll be thirsty during the day. But with water fountains available in school, she certainly will have options. And, if she doesn’t like those options, she’s more likely to remember the water bottle the next day.

Do you have these kind of struggles with natural consequences? Is it hard to let your child see the natural result of his actions? Please get in touch with questions or comments! Go to weturnedoutokay.com/contact, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Key Links:

Sabrina found great benefit from the book It’s Okay Not to Share; click here to check out the book, by Heather Shumaker.

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This parent-coaching call with Sabrina happens because she is a member of the Ninja Parenting Community – click here to find out more about membership. Then, I can help you just like I’m helping her!