Podcast Episode 163: Change what your kiddos play with, get happier kids!

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These last several Just You and Me episodes have been about important stuff: being happier at home, having well-behaved children in public, helping kids resolve their own conflicts.

They’ve each hinged on one particular idea: that the toys kids play with and what’s in their environment, can really change their behavior. (Head back to episodes 154, 157, and 160 for the rest of the “Loose Parts” series.)

Today’s episode is about how to actually make these changes – without spending much, if any, money and without driving yourself bananas at the same time…

Go to weturnedoutokay.com/163 for key links and the promised free PDF of what to bring in to replace all those 1-trick toys that you’re tripping all over at home!

It’s possible that you’re pretty annoyed with me right now, that you’re thinking “oh, thanks, Karen – yet another system to try and build my life around!”

You have every right to feel that way, my friend; and yet I persist in asking you to consider changing up your children’s toys to this model.

It’s not because I have any affiliates – these objects are all commonly available, either for free or for a very low cost, I have no skin in this game.

I’m asking you to consider changing up the toys in your home for just one reason: because it really works.

If you want kids who aren’t bored, kids who don’t have any environmental reasons to pick fights (i.e., there’s only one of some particular toy), kids who are curious and engaged and fulfilled, this is how you begin to accomplish that.

Click here for the guide to Inexpensive or Free “Toys” for Happier Kids!

It’s free to download, that link opens a PDF for you to print or keep online, a list you can return to again and again as you are changing from toys that do one thing, to playthings that do many.

I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I enjoyed it with my boys : )

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