Podcast Episode 164: Turning Parenting Mistakes Into Successes – Karen is the guest in today’s Guest Episode!

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Normally, in a We Turned Out Okay guest episode, it’s me doing the interviewing… but today that format gets turned on its head!

Recently the gentleman behind the Blessing Not Stressing podcast, Rob Broadhead, invited me onto his show. He’s such a great interviewer and the idea behind the show is such a lovely one that of course I said “yes please” – and as we spoke I knew I wanted you to be able to listen in as well.

Rob splits his conversations into several episodes; on this WTOO episode today we’re bringing you the middle two, “School of Hard Knocks” and “Mistakes and Forgiveness.”

Go to weturnedoutokay.com/164 for links to both the first and final portions of my conversation with Rob. I hope you enjoy listening to this conversation as much as I enjoyed participating in it!

In “Mistakes and Forgiveness,” some pretty big questions come up – “We look at experience versus education when it comes to child raising,” Rob writes in the show notes. “Then [Karen] discusses her biggest mistakes and successes as a parent. The two extremes tie together in a way that can make us all look a little closer at our missteps. This also should provide a little more hope as you navigate the parenting world. Years of education are no match for experience. Particularly when you consider how unique your children are.”

In “School of Hard Knocks,” we dig into why kids need to make mistakes, fall down, and figure out how to get back up.
– Rob says: “The little ones often suffer little bumps and bruises. It is just a part of their daily life. However, these little problems may seem far greater to doting and cautious parents.”
– We talk about the creation of the Ninja Parenting Community, how it’s related to the We Turned Out Okay podcast and how NPC came into being in this segment as well.

Thanks so much to you Rob, it was a pleasure to be on the show!

Key Links:

Check out part one of our conversation – episode 48 of Blessing Not Stressing, called “Hot Chocolate and The Princess Bride,” by clicking here.

Listen to the fourth and final part of the conversation by clicking here for BNS’s episode 57, “A Sympathetic Ear.”

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