Podcast Episode 165: When Kids Want the Same Stuff Again and Again (and Again…) – A Your Child Explained Episode

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Why do kids want everything repeated, again and again?

One member of the Ninja Parenting Community might be channeling your thoughts right now: “Oh why do little kids obsess over certain movies? I have been putting Monsters Versus Aliens on every day for a month. What is going on those little brains that makes them demand the same movie so often for so long?”

Kids do this all the time… and not just with movies, they do it with books, and stories, and music, too.

In this Your Child Explained, we dig into why, exactly what’s happening in “those little brains” that makes them want everything repeated endlessly.

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Early childhood is all about the current moment. Small children have difficulty remembering past events or envisioning future ones, so even if they’ve heard or seen the same thing a thousand times it’s exciting and new for them each successive time.

Even if it drives us bananas!

Developmentally, repetition satisfies something in their minds, as well. When they’ve heard a story or watched a movie before, when it’s repeated they know it’s safe. They know that even though scary things happen, it turns out all right in the end.

The bottom line: kids just love repetition because developmentally, it’s where they’re at!

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Click here for our favorite storybook, the one that even us adults never minded re-reading again and again, 10 Minutes Till Bedtime by Peggy Rathmann.

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