Podcast Episode 191: Helping your kids cope with their fears, and also fostering empathy with avocados – A Conversation with Current Teen & Former Child Jason Kolp

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Each fall as the nights get longer and Halloween gets close, spooky feelings crop up. They can be fun, but for kids these feelings also be downright frightening.

Today I’m excited to bring you my conversation with my youngest, Jason, who remembers well the feeling of being afraid of the dark and shares really great advice for helping your kids cope with their fears.

We talk about all kinds of Halloweeny stuff, and also:
– Einstein’s view of the world
– Why validating a kid’s fears is the gateway to helping them feel less afraid
– Jay’s all-important question:
“How does pretending an avocado is alive show a mastery of empathy?”

… Just to give you an idea of the kind of conversations we have around here : )

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