Podcast Episode 194: “I didn’t have a lot of empathy until I became a mom” – NYT Bestselling Author Joshilyn Jackson is my guest today!

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Today’s conversation is one of those awesome ones that went in a completely different direction than I had thought it would.
I knew we were going to talk about racism, and parenting, and how New York Times best-selling author Joshilyn Jackson teaches creative writing to prisoners – but when, early on in our conversation, Joshilyn shared “I didn’t have any empathy until I became a mom,” my heart just stopped.

How could that possibly be, I wondered?

And so we raced off into a discussion that will help you understand empathy as a crucial parenting skill, perhaps the most important ninja tactic of all.

You are going to LOVE it.

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Click here for Joshilyn’s website, where you can read about all her books And other amazing projects she’s involved in, including creative writing and theater for prisoners..

The statistic Joshilyn cites about for-profit prisons and literacy rates during the show is an urban legend, as it turns out; read about that by clicking here. “I heard the thing about the 3rd grade on NPR – it has been debunked. But the correlation is true as far as the connection between literacy and prison,” Joshilyn shared in an email after we recorded this episode.

Click here to check out the book The New Jim Crow at indiebound.org, my new favorite place to buy books (no affiliation, I just think they have a great mission and set-up : )

Click here to learn more about Joshilyn’s prisoner-writing program.

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