Podcast Episode 200: Understanding Where We Come From and How We Got Here – A Conversation with Mom and Biographer Nicola Davison

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Ermagerrrd, Episode 200!!

It is fitting that this particular episode is with a guest who specializes in helping families tell stories – really, in helping people preserve their family legacies.

Nicola Davison, mom

, biographer, and journalist, has hit upon an idea that really resonated with me, so I know it will resonate with you: engaging our parents and grandparents to tell their stories, and to get your kids involved for a multigenerational understanding of where we come from, and how we got here.

Speaking of “how we got here,” I couldn’t let episode 200 go by without talking about how WE got HERE.

And in talking about THAT, we can’t help but discuss how to get where we want to go, and how to help our kids do the same.

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Key Links:
Nicola’s book, Your Family Stories: Easily Capture Your Loved Ones’ Memories for Future Generations, about preserving your relative’s legacies is just out… Click here to check it out!

Click here for Nicola’s checklist to help you get started with talking to your parents or grandparents and helping them tell their stories.

Click here to read more about how to create a biography by starting with pictures, one of my favorite of Nicola’s posts.

Click here for more about one of my favorite Australian memoirs, A Fortunate Lifeby Albert B. Facey.

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