Podcast Episode 201: Helping Kids Manage Even The Biggest Feelings – A Your Child Explained Conversation With Mental Health Counselor Janine Halloran

Today’s guest is a true play specialist.

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In today’s episode with 3-time returning champion Janine Halloran, the conversation goes in all kinds of useful directions, many of which I did not see coming!

Listen to learn more about:
– Big Feelings, the ones Janine says “feel like you can’t contain them in your body”
– How to stop engaging in the all-too-common and dangerous parenting ploy, “positively invalidating” our kids’ feelings
– Whether your young child is lucky, or unlucky, in the expression of feelings (and the HUGE difference this can make in a child’s life)

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Key Links:

Janine has so many fantastic resources:
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Click here for her website about encouraging play
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Click here for one all-time favorite books, The Slight Edge.

Read more about the Center for American Progress study on suspensions and expulsions of preschoolers by clicking here.

Click here for another of my all-time favorite books, Cinderella Ate My Daughter.

To listen to my conversation with “current teen and former child” Jason Kolp, from episode 193, click here.

Click here for Ross Greene’s writings on lucky versus unlucky expression of feelings.

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