Podcast Episode 203: How to “remember the good” at this time of year with Parenting Expert + Returning Champion KJ Dell’Antonia – Holiday Survival Guide Part 2

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Today’s guest, returning champion KJ Dell’Antonia of the #AmWriting with Jess and KJ Podcast, brings her best ideas for how you can really enjoy this time of year, no matter what craziness you’ve got going on in your life.

The WTOO annual Parent Holiday Survival Guide goes Beyond Audio in 2017

Each year I bring you resources I know you’ll love as you figure out how to enjoy the holidays. This year I’m psyched because not only do I have audio resources for you, to listen while you drive on endless errands, bake endless cookies, or wrap endless gifts… I’ve got video and Facebook live offerings to help you handle the holidays as well!

Go to weturnedoutokay.com/203 for key links, including:
– KJ’s Happier Parent Holiday Survival Guide PDF
– The We Turned Out Okay Facebook group
– The Latest how-to video (“How to handle holiday kid craziness”)
– Lots more resources to help you handle the holidays!

KJ Wisdom + Key Links:

“Give yourself permission to let somebody else worry about Kim Jong Un” – KJ’s wonderful response to me, when I share my struggles of the season

“The holidays are rough for special needs kids” – KJ entreats each of us, whether we have special needs kids or not, to treat our kids, and ourselves, gently at this time of year

“Identify the traditions that matter most – and least – to you” – part of KJ’s Happier Parent Holiday Survival Guide: Staying Whole When Everyone Wants a Piece of You, and Some of Them Bite
Get KJ’s guide by clicking here!

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Click here for Hardwiring Happiness, a book KJ is reading and loving right now

In this episode I reference a letter, pertaining to Christmas, written by my husband Ben. As yet I have not been able to lay hands on it… I will keep trying!

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