Podcast Episode 205: Listener (and Karen’s) Favorite Episodes So Far

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In which we discuss favorite episodes, Karen’s, and Listeners’…

The family dynamics of introverts versus extroverts; the joy and learning that comes with Loose Parts; falling down and getting back up again; a profound and hilarious potty training story.

All links at weturnedoutokay.com/205

Happy listening and Happy New Year!!

Key Links:

Hadyn’s favorite: 190, Guns and Your Young Child

Stephanie’s favorite: 152, What Happens When Kids Don’t Get What They Need? Talking With Early Childhood Education Professors Miriam Beloglovsky and Lisa Daly

Jen’s favorite: 167, How to Have Happier and More Engaged Kids – An Interview With Nursery School Owner Tanya Trainor

Anonymous’s favorite: 74 + 77, Parenting Introverts, Parenting Extroverts – Parts 1+2

Karen’s favorites: 002, Foster True Grit
and 122: How to Raise Well-Adjusted Kids and Run a Successful Family Business: with Shane and Jocelyn Sams of the Flipped Lifestyle Podcast

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