Podcast Episode 206: Lessons from 2017 + WTOO Changes for 2018

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Happy new year!! Next week we’ll work on making 2018 be the best year yet – but part of that is looking back at 2017.

Today I’m sharing the three most valuable lessons I learned from 2017, a year that many listeners characterized as pretty awful, but one that held many valuable lessons for me – and in many ways was a good and fun year too.

I also share some changes I’ve made to the podcast schedule, based largely on the horrific burnout I experienced in December… It’s tough to be helpful to you as you work to have a happy family life when I am so frazzled, when I’m attempting to pour from an empty cup.

To keep being able to help you, I’ve made some changes, and I’m sharing about them today. Click weturnedoutokay.com/206 to read about them!


First, here’s what will stay the same: I’ll still have great guests, Just You and Me episodes, and Your Child Explained episodes. I know how valuable these are to you (because you tell me! Thank you : ) and my goal is to be sure you’re still getting the fun and ideas that come with these three varieties of episodes.

Instead of posting 6 episodes per month, I am scaling back to 4, and a new episode will drop each Tuesday… In what I’m thinking of as the We Turned Out Okay Waltz, with these episodes rotating weekly so you’re still getting the variety.

Also, I am pulling back from weekly Facebook lives in the Facebook group.
I am still working on how to make the Facebook group really valuable for you… But in doing so much for the Facebook group, I dropped the ball on the Ninja Parenting Community.

In NPC, members pay for my advice! I’m so grateful to help you if you are a member, and instead of going live in Facebook I’m concentrating on live member calls within NPC. They’re actually going to be similar to Facebook live, just happening in the Ninja Parenting Community; I will always bring something cool to talk about, something relevant to the lives of parents of young children, and I’ll answer questions live in these calls as well.

Come and join NPC, and then I can answer your questions and help you too! Click here to learn more.

The 3 Most Valuable Lessons 2017 Taught Me

1) It matters WHO you spend your time with…
We all have choices about who we spent our time with. Spending time with toxic people makes for stress and sadness!
In 2017 I got a lot of clarity on this, and chose the people I spent my time with extremely wisely. In 2018 you can do the same!

2) It matters WHERE you spend your time…
Choosing where we spend our time isn’t necessarily easy, but it’s key to being happy within ourselves and raising a happy family.

3) It matters WHAT you do with your time…
We each have choices about how we spend our time. In 2017 I learned that, if I spend too much time engrossed in things that are not good for me, my health suffers, my husband and family suffer, and I don’t want that.
I don’t want it for you, either! Here at the start of 2018, you’ve got a great opportunity to choose what you do with your time.

Thank you for spending some of your precious time with me!

Wishing you a very happy new year and an awesome 2018 : )

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