Podcast Episode 207: Glass Balls and Rubber Balls: The Annual WTOO Goals Episode

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Every January since We Turned Out Okay began, I’ve shared my goals for the coming year. Not resolutions… which feel to me a little more arbitrary and easier to pull out of… but Goals.

And this year is no exception!

Somehow the idea of glass balls and rubber balls (one of which breaks when dropped, and the other of which bounces) felt really important to share with you, probably because I’m returning from major burnout and got it because I dropped a glass ball, my “health” ball.

So listen in to find out more about glass/rubber balls, the goals I’ve set and why I set them, and what this year’s One Word is!

Notes and links at weturnedoutokay.com/207!

Here’s my 2018 Aspirational Vision (if you’ll pardon the hokiness of this expression : )

To truly enjoy my life and continue doing what I love best:
– Being married to Ben and spending time with him
– Spending time with our boys, my friends, and family
– Skiing, knitting, drawing (a new thing for me this year), writing
– Learning, and putting what I learned to good use

To give Ben the chance to choose his work

To give the boys opportunities, without crushing financial debt

To change the world:
– Promote kindness, teamwork, and trust

To enjoy good mental and physical health

A lot of glass balls in that list!

And my One Word for this year: Practice.

I love it because it is both a noun and a verb!

If you remember back to my interview with Lisa Daly and Miriam Beloglovsky, they spoke about focusing on the verbs the children are doing; how can we support a boy whose instinct is to pick up EVERYTHING and throw it?

By focusing on the verb “throw,” you can make sure you have appropriate things for him to throw – which means you’re not stamping out what is instinctively important to him, and also you’re not continually keeping him from throwing stuff and potentially hurting others.

I’m connecting my One Word to this conversation, and love diving into practicing Practice!

What’s your One Word? Click here to share!

Key Links:

Click here to listen to episode 130: How Goal-Setting Can Help You Have a Happier Parenting Life, my 2017 episode on goals.

Click here for one of my favorite books, Walden on Wheels, about the author’s experience trying to attain a graduate degree without becoming a slave to massive debt. A must-read if you think your child may one day go to college.

Click here for episode 152: What Happens When Kids Don’t Get What They Need? Talking With Early Childhood Education Professors Miriam Beloglovsky and Lisa Daly.
(I don’t mention this episode in today’s podcast… It’s only as I’m writing the notes that I realize the connection between my One Word and our fantastic conversation.)

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