Podcast Episode 208: Policy vs Reality – Handling Preschool Aggression – A Your Child Explained Episode

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In my recent conversation with Mental Health Counselor and Play Specialist Janine Halloran, we talked about the outrageously high rates of suspensions and expulsions in preschools nationwide.

And one listener wrote soon after to share her child’s experience in preschool:

“Such an interesting podcast and alarming pre-K statistics. I can say we saw an opposite thing happening… Several kids were overly aggressive with minimal consequences… My child was being bullied by these aggressive children to the point of not wanting to go to school.”

Listener Jessica was kind enough to let me share her thoughts with you, and address her concerns, which might be your concerns as well, in today’s episode.

What comes out of it is the realization that many preschool policies on discipline are way out of whack with what kids really need to learn – both the bullies, and the bullied  – to get along in this world.

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