Podcast Episode 210: For Us Parents, a Choice that Really Matters

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Do you sometimes feel that you will drown in a sea of bad news, bad weather, bad everything?

I know I do… and right here at the beginning of the year I am sharing the ways that I have found to stay positive, even while floating on this sea.

Listen to today’s episode so that we can stay positive together!

Key links – and there are a TON today – at weturnedoutokay.com/210. Thank you for listening : )

Please Note: today I reference the upcoming Friendly Mirror Challenge, and I am so excited to bring that to you!
But I have not yet been able to put together a sign-up for it… I’m on my fourth day of antibiotics following a bad bronchitis infection, and I’m not really myself yet.
Most notably, I’m just getting my voice back – so I’m asking you to please be patient.
I’ll have the sign-up sheet ready ASAP. Thank you!

Key Links

Today’s Key Links are all Good Wolves…


Parenting Key Links

Click here for Catherine Pearlman’s amazing book, Ignore It!
Click here for my conversation with Dr. Pearlman, in which she answers listener questions and helps us all understand the concepts behind Ignore It! even better.

Jonathan Fields interviews Shefali Tsabury in this episode of his Good Life Project podcast;
also, click here for my conversation with Jonathan, still one of my favorites for getting into the best parenting mindset you can!

Just last week I shared my interview with author and blogger Heather Spohr; click here to hear our conversation.

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Click here to check out We Turned Out Okay’s How-to Videos menu tab, to learn about how to help your kids eat more fruits and vegetables, how to help them learn to read, and more!

Click here to find out more about the Ninja Parenting Community, the place where I help parents solve their toughest challenges every day.


Other Good Wolf Key Links

Click here for the parable, “The One You Feed.”

I cannot shout about this show enough – click here to listen to The Adventure Zone, one of my favorite Good Wolves.

Here’s another favorite Good Wolf: click here for #AmWriting with Jess and KJ;
Click here for my most recent conversation with returning champion KJ Dell’Antonia;
Click here for my conversation with Jess Lahey.

Find the 21st Century Creative by clicking here;
and click here for my conversation with host Mark McGuinness.

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Click here for Dan’s website, where you can sign up for a truly amazing newsletter delivered right to your inbox each week.
Click here for Dan’s book, Be the Gateway, which I am reading right now and loving.

Click here for a new favorite podcast of mine, Hurry Slowly, in which host Jocelyn K. Glei helps us all figure out how to slow down and enjoy the ride.

My youngest first turned me on to Binging With Babbish, a YouTube channel all about seriously good food; click here to watch Babbish make beef Wellington!


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