A Counterintuitive Positive Discipline Ninja Tactic for Today’s Your Child Explained Episode (Podcast Episode 214)

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“I HATE to yell at you… But you make me do it. It’s your fault.”
Recently, I spoke with a mom who said that she tells her kids this all the time.

Do you ever feel like this, when your child is giving you crazy attitude ?

Or when your child is whining, or picks a fight with a sibling over absolutely nothing at all?

In short, do you ever feel like you cannot take your child’s bad, embarrassing behavior for one more second?

If so, today’s episode gives you a ninja tactic that will completely change this dynamic!

If you really care about stopping your children’s annoying behavior before it starts, and you really care about not flying off the handle with them… Today’s episode shows you how to do it.

Listen in to find out how to do it right!


3 Secrets of Happy Parenting:

You know that fear and dread that you feel can about spending time with your young child?

Those hours that drag on, when paradoxically it feels like there is so much to do but also the minutes just creep by, super slowly, moment by agonizing moment?

I am excited to share the 3 Secrets of Happy Parenting, which give you the power to overcome that fear and dread and truly enjoy the time you spend with your kids.

Learn these 3 Secrets in my Live, Online Class

So, I know in this episode I say “the 3 Secrets of Happy Parenting Minicourse is all ready for you!”
Life interfered this time: I got bronchitis and I’m still recovering…

But what IS ready: the 3 Secrets of Happy Parenting Live, Online Class!

The Minicourse is still in production, but in the meantime learn these three secrets while connecting with me live!

By the end of this live, online 40-minute class, you’ll know how to make the time you spend with your kids really enjoyable time.

Click the link below for details and to register:

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Thank you so much for listening : )

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