The 2 Most Dangerous Words in a Parent’s Vocabulary (Podcast Episode 219)

Kids. Sometimes, it’s a good thing they’re cute.

Today’s podcast episode shares one simple change you can make that will affect how your child behaves.

Read on, and listen to today’s episode, to learn this simple change yourself and start using it to truly enjoy the time you spend with your kids!

Working with parents of young children,

one phrase comes up again and again – one really dangerous phrase.

It’s dangerous because it perpetuates bad behavior from our kids, which none of us want… Yet, it is really hard not to use it.

You probably use this phrase yourself; I know I have!

Here’s the thing: we do not want to ASK our kids “would you like to stop hitting your sister now?”

Instead, we want them to simply STOP hitting their sister.

(Or whatever thing they’re doing right now that is potentially harmful/driving us crazy/making us question our life choices : )

Today I share:
– Exactly what the two most dangerous words in a parent’s vocabulary are
– Why these words get used so often
What you can say instead for good behavior from your child

Today’s episode helps you get past the bad behavior so you can fulfill your ultimate goal of truly enjoying family time!


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The 2 Most Dangerous Words

Today’s episode is all about HOW we talk to our kids.

We do not want to ASK our kids “would you like to stop hitting your sister now?”

Instead, we want them to simply STOP hitting their sister.

(Or whatever thing they’re doing right now that is potentially harmful/driving us crazy/making us question our life choices : )

Without knowing it, too often we give our kids the upper hand by communicating to them a question, rather than a directive.


Here come those 2 Words:

And, we do it with the words “okay, honey?”

Yes. Those are the two little words that are the most dangerous in your vocabulary.

Just think about how often you say to your child “okay, honey?”

If you’re anything like the folks I have been coaching recently, it’s a lot.

Every time you need your child to do something – that you really NEED your child to do, like stop hitting a sibling – lots of us have learned to attempt to soften that directive into a request.

But, we forget that requesting something means the person on the receiving end now has a CHOICE.

We are saying effectively “you can say no to this, but would you please [insert urgent thing that needs to happen now here]?”

Want to know what to say instead? Find out just below.


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What you can say instead of “Okay, honey?”

Ever feel like this is you, when you’re trying to get your child to behave? If so today’s show has got you covered.

Here are three great, useful substitutes!

1) “It’s time to…”
This one works great in lots of situations:
“It’s time to come to the breakfast table.”
“It’s time for your bath.”
“It’s time to put your dishes in the sink.” 
Stated in the right tone of voice, this phrase works like magic. Suddenly, your child is actually doing what you are telling them to do!

2) “Stop that now.”
Whatever egregious behavior you are seeing, this one stops it instantly – especially when it’s communicated in the right tone.

3) “That’s not a choice right now.”
I love this expression.
It can be said in a gentle way – never a question, so don’t end this with a question mark – when it’s clear your child is super sad about whatever “that” is that’s no longer a choice.
It can be said in a firmer and more businesslike way, when you need your child to stop misbehaving immediately.

Just remember, for all three:

This is a complete attitude shift on your part.

We are not asking… We are firmly telling.

Done right, this alleviates SO many of the behavior problems you face every day.

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