To bribe… or not to bribe? A Your Child Explained Episode (Podcast Episode 220)

The place where so much bribery happens.

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If we’re being honest, who among us has NOT bribed a kid? (Listen to this episode to hear about how we potty trained our youngest… using entire donuts as bribes.)

But is there a better way?

Something we could do to change our child’s behavior from bad to good?

Something that would stop us feeling like we’re being emotionally blackmailed by our kids?

Listen to today’s episode to understand exactly WHY we parents resort to bribery – when it’s most likely to happen – and for 3 things we can do instead!

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“If bribing is so awful, what do I do instead?”

After listening to today’s episode, I hope you agree with me that resorting to bribery isn’t the best solution.

So here are the three things you can do instead!

1) Ignore It – tune out the behavior that causes you to resort to bribery.
I’ve got a GREAT reference for you, if you are having a hard time envisioning ignoring your child’s bad behavior:
Click here for my conversation with Dr. Catherine Pearlman, author of Ignore It and the woman who is a true expert in making family problems disappear.

2) Address the underlying issue.
Dialing up the empathy, communicating your understanding to your child, is so helpful in these situations.

3) Use the awesome Parent Ninja Tactic of Redirection.
Ask a question… Play a game… So much of bribery happens because of boredom!


If you need help getting started with the 3 Alternatives to Bribery

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Click here for the fabulous conversation I got to have with Catherine Pearlman, a.k.a. The Family Coach, and author of the amazing book Ignore It!

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