How to become financially free, with Dad and Certified Financial Planner Steven Taylor of (Podcast Episode 221)

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Today’s conversation is super special,

because it’s with our personal financial planner, Steven Taylor – the man who has helped Ben and I align our goals and begin truly working together to achieve our dreams.

Like many of the best conversations, ours doesn’t stick strictly to the subject at hand. It starts off with sports and quickly develops into a meaningful conversation about parenting (Steven is Dad to 3-and 2-year-old boys).…

And soon, it’s a full-blown exploration of the best money mindset that parents can have.

Whatever your fears about money, or your approach to financial planning, this conversation will make you feel better.

Thanks so much to Steven for coming on the show, and to you for listening!

Show notes, including lots of great links that came up during our conversation, at

Also there, you’ll find the link to sign up for two cool things happening at our local library:

My workshop on how to handle weeknight chaos with little kids (this coming Monday evening, April 23), and Steven’s workshop on budgeting, though he prefers the term “spending plan,” on Tuesday evening, May 29!

If you can be in Bellingham, Massachusetts for either of these, that would be awesome!


Links to Our Live, In-Person Workshops

Long time friend of the podcast Janine Halloran of and I are teaching a workshop called The Parent Witching Hour: How to Handle Weeknight Chaos with Little Kids, and it’s perfect if your typical weeknights are frustrating and chaotic instead of peaceful and enjoyable.
It’s happening at the Bellingham (MA) Public Library on this coming Monday evening, April 29…
Click here to sign up!

Coming up in May, today’s guest, Certified Financial Planner Steven Taylor, teaches a budgeting workshop in the same space as our Parent Witching Hour workshop!
Steven’s workshop takes place on Tuesday evening, May 29…
Click here to sign up!


The We Turned Out Okay Money Episodes

Episode 215 is my conversation with Raeshal Solomon, an AMAZING woman, an entrepreneur who’s raising two young children and writes books that teach little kids important money lessons.

In this conversation, Raeshal shares her story of climbing out from under hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, dealing with sickle-cell anemia, the importance of family, and the joys of raising children. I know you won’t want to miss this conversation, which is really about so much more than just money : )

Episode 216 asks the question: What’s it really cost to raise a child today?
It’s a great starting point if you feel fearful about this issue.

In episode 217, a Your Child Explained episode, we explore how can shape your child’s relationship with money by starting with the simple question: should you give your child an allowance, or not?


What’s frustrating you right now in your parenting?

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Links that come up in today’s episode

One unanticipated part of our conversation was about the mindset of little kids and sports… Click here to listen to episode 183, which I did last fall about that exact same subject.

Click here to listen to episode zero of We Turned Out Okay – it’s the one where my four best friends from life and I share our unplanned adventures. It comes up today because one of those four best friends has a saying – “my alone time is for your safety” – and if you want to hear more from this fun and wise lady, you should listen to episode zero.

Click here for Certified Financial Planner Steven Taylor’s website,


The 3 Secrets of Happy Parenting Class

In today’s episode I share about the live, free, online class I am teaching

If you want to change your child’s behavior from bad to good, feel happy inside, and start truly enjoying the time you spend with your young kids, you want to take this FREE class.

In it I teach the distillation of everything I have learned about:
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