227: Integrate Family and Work with Mom and Author Shannon Miles (Podcast Episode 227)

Picture this: you’re in the car,

Shannon Miles and her family.

in a parking lot, with your screaming three-year-old and six-month-old.

You’re on a call with work, and you’ve got the call muted so that you can hear what’s going on – but your coworkers can’t hear the car chaos.

Until one of your coworkers says “Shannon, what do you think?” – and you know that as soon as you unmute the call everyone on it will hear the screaming.

What do you do?

If you are today’s guest, you learn from this situation… and you take that learning and make a life with a proper balance between family, and work.

Join me in a great conversation with Shannon Miles, author of The Third Option, all about handling the tough choices that we parents face every day.

Shannon shares a wonderful 3-step process if you’re feeling stuck, with a big decision to make.

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Integrating work and life

Shannon, and her husband Bryan, have been very deliberate about how they shape their family and work life. So much so that they decided to start their own company!

But none of that would never have happened without the chaotic car call.

Read about Shannon’s 3 step process to figure out your next steps if you’re stuck, just below!

But first…


Effective, quick words for handling kids’ bad behavior

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Feeling Stuck on a Big Problem? Try Shannon’s 3 Steps:

1) “Ask yourself: what are you willing to sacrifice?”

2) “Put a date on the calendar to DECIDE”… Because nothing will make you take action like a date on the calendar to hold you accountable.

3) “Don’t do it alone.”
We all need our support systems to help us, especially when we’re making big decisions that will affect us and our families.

Here’s what I love about these steps: once we started talking about them, I realized how universal they are.

Many thanks to Shannon Miles for crystallizing this idea for me!

If you want help making the big decisions in your life, get The Third Option. You’ll be glad you did.

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Key Links:

Check out Shannon’s instagram feed by clicking here. She does fun things like instagram lives : )

Click mythirdoption.com to for more on The Third Option, Shannon’s book about happily combining work and family life. There are checklists and other goodies there to get your mind going!

The Berenstain Bears books figured prominently in both of our kids’ childhoods!
Click here for The Spooky Old Tree, and click here for The Berenstain Bears Get the Gimmies.

Click here for Shannon’s conversation on the Building a Story Brand Podcast with Donald Miller.

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