Are Timeouts Effective Discipline? A Your Child Explained Episode (Podcast Episode 229)

I’m so excited to bring you this week’s show, all about timeouts!

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Do you find that giving a time out

to your young child is an effective way to change that child’s behavior?

Maybe you find, as one coaching client of mine does, that timeouts become “a battle of wills” and aren’t effective at all.

Maybe your young child runs away from the timeout chair, giggling and leaving you super frustrated…

If so, this is the show for you because today I’m teaching how to effectively discipline your young child!

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Thanks for listening!

The Short Version:

I am not a fan of timeout.

Too often it does become a battle of wills, plus what do you do if you’ve got more than one recalcitrant child at a time?

As a preschool teacher, putting kids in timeout wouldn’t have worked because we just had too many kids to focus on at once!

Just below, read about my 4-step formula to effectively discipline young children.
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What to do Instead of Timeout

Here’s my 4-step formula for effectively disciplining young kids:

1) Take ego out of the equation – it may seem like your child has a personal vendetta against you, but that is not the case.

2) Call up your empathy; putting ourselves in our children’s shoes is the root of all good discipline.

3) Help your child understand his or her own feelings

4) Redirect your child toward something positive

Listen to today’s episode to find out exactly how to implement these.


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