On Keeping Your Child Safe (Podcast Episode 231)

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Today we’re talking about safety – just simple safety.

I’ve got three unconventional ways to help you ensure that your child is safe, in a variety of situations and from the time that they are very small…

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The 3 Ways to Keep Your Child Safe

1) Lower your voice

… That way, if you must raise it (like if somebody is running out into the street or away from you at the store), they HEAR it.

Keeping your most urgent-sounding, loudest voice for just those moments when it’s really necessary keeps your child safe, and also maintains the sanity levels in your home.

2) Commit to eating at least one meal per day together, as a family

… It is crazy amazing how this one solves all kinds of problems.

Families who eat a meal together every day (or most days anyway) have engaged kids who feel supported by their parents – and who, in turn, trust their parents in a way that doesn’t happen in families who never sit down and break bread together.

We will get to the third one just below. But first:


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3) Stay with them in public places

I’m thinking of restaurants, doctor’s offices, hospitals, supermarkets…

In the days before recording this episode I heard from several people in both the restaurant and healthcare sectors, begging me – literally begging! – that I would share their fears that somebody is going to get hurt when parents let their kids run around the restaurant, or in a hospital setting, alone.

Please: don’t be that kind of parent who turns their back as their kids get underfoot.
That is how people get hurt.

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