WHY are weeknights with kids so tough? Taming Weeknight Chaos Part 1 (Podcast Episode 232)

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Today is the start of a new series here at We Turned Out okay!

It’s all about taming the chaotic and crazy weeknights that so many of us experience in raising kids.

We start by investigating: WHY are weeknights so tough?

For us parents, evenings – especially weeknights – are a constant slog.

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3 Reasons Why

The neverending awfulness of weeknights with young kids can have even the most calm, confident parent melting down right alongside their screaming child.

Which is why I’m doing a whole five shows on this topic!

Today, in Part 1 of 5, I share the top three reasons people give me for hating weeknights:

1) Evenings with kids are a uniquely difficult time of day, starting right from when they’re born.
I used to think that this was complete bull, but then I had my first son and realized, it’s true.

2) Dinnertime is madness.
We parents feel so much pressure around food anyway, and when you add in that we’re supposed to be getting our kids to eat, and eat the right things, dinnertime becomes one of the most stressful parts of our evenings.

3) Kids HATE bedtime.
They’re always getting up for one more drink, begging for – or shouting for – one more story; one Ninja Parenting Community member’s daughter always and only brings up her worries at bedtime!
And it’s a very vulnerable time of the day for us parents, because we are exhausted and just want some quiet before heading for bed ourselves.

Next Week: in Part 2 of this series, we roll up our sleeves and get to work on taming weeknight chaos!