Troubleshooting Family Weeknights: Part 5 of our series on how to have good weeknights (Podcast Episode 236)

Welcome to Part 5 of our series on how to have good weeknights with your kids!

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Today we are talking about what to do when things go wrong with even the best-planned weeknight..

I’ve got 3 easy steps that you can use to overcome the frustrations, troubleshoot the problems that come up, and truly enjoy weeknights with your children!

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Here’s what most people do when weeknights are chaotic:

How weeknights should be.

– They clench up neck, shoulders, and jaw, causing pain and headaches
– They shout at their kids, because of the chaos, and then feel awful afterwards
– They do absolutely nothing – and as a result they feel powerless.

Meanwhile, this weeknight is still a dumpster fire.

Eventually, most people conclude “this is just how weeknights are with kids.”

They couldn’t be more wrong!

Yes, weeknights happen.

But how you handle them – what you do in the moment during those weeknight hours – makes ALL the difference.

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