How do we handle big parental pressures? Talking with KJ Dell’Antonia, author of the forthcoming book How to be a Happier Parent (podcast episode 237)

Talking with returning champion KJ Dell’Antonia

is always a pleasure, and this episode is maybe my favorite conversation with her yet!

KJ has got a book coming out later this month, and if you’re feeling the pressures of parenting, you are going to LOVE her book, How to be a Happier Parent.

Like so many of my favorite conversations, this one zooms around and goes in directions that I didn’t envision when we sat down to talk.

And every direction offers something valuable for you to take into your parenting life.

We talk about:

  • Why parents need something of their own – something separate from your kids – to enjoy
  • How (and why) after-school activities and sports got so crazy
  • KJ’s two key steps to handling the big, bad pressures on us parents.

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And thank you so much for listening!

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Handling Parental Pressure

Remember when you were a teen, and all the concerned adults in your life talked about “peer pressure?” The idea being that, lots of the mischief teenagers get up to happens because of the mob mentality of a group of teenagers.

KJ and I talk about all the pressures that parents feel today, where all these pressures came from – and most importantly, what you can do about it when you’re feeling stuck.



Here is KJ’s 2-Step Process

1) Remember your values.
KJ shares in this episode that she is surprising herself by pulling her children out of school to get to hockey.
Because hockey tournaments now start on Fridays.
So KJ and her husband had to decide: which is more important in this instance, school, or not letting down the hockey team?
While school is a priority, on these rare occasions the “team player” value wins out for KJ and family.
But they could only make that decision, and stick by it despite pushback from the school, by first understanding their values.

2) Let kids make their own choices and their own mistakes.
How do we grow into competent, confident adults?
We try things, and screw up, and figure out how to fix our mistakes.

In today’s conversation KJ advocates for giving kids the chance to try this out.

It alleviates pressure on us, because suddenly we are not ultimately responsible, and also frees up our time because we are not micromanaging somebody else’s life anymore.

The earlier we start letting our kids make their own choices, the better they get at it – and the less pressure there is on us.

Key links from this episode – and there are a whole bunch! – just below.


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