When to potty train, How to potty train? Podcast Episode 245

When should you start potty training your child?

Don’t you wish your kid looked this happy sitting on a potty?

How should you potty train your child?

I’ve done some research on these two questions, and let me tell you, they are asked really often in Google.

Is this on your mind? Or, are you already trying to potty train, but hitting serious roadblocks?
Then, today’s episode is for you!

In it I share 3 ways to know if your child is ready for potty training, and also 3 tips on how to actually accomplish this feat.

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  • The 3 most important things to remember about potty training

And thank you so much for listening!

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Remember these 3 important potty training ideas:

1) Know when your child is ready. Does she seem interested, are his “potty” muscles doing their thing yet? Most important, is your child mentally ready? Today’s episode talks about how to know.

2) In terms of “how”… Keep in mind these two things to make this process take the shortest amount of time possible:
First, you must stay positive. Never show negative emotion during potty training. It just makes the process take longer.
Second, make your child responsible for as much of this process as possible.

3) Get the right guide.
When I started potty training my oldest, my guide was a book that was total pie-in-the-sky. Had I chosen a different method, I could have saved my son and I SO much heartache.
So, make sure you have the right guide.
Better yet, let me be that guide!
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