Raise successful, fulfilled kids by avoiding this big mistake | Podcast Episode 247

Today’s show dives into something difficult to imagine, when your kids are so young and your focus is on stuff like temper tantrums, sibling fights, and picky eaters.

We can wonder, what miracle will occur, just in the next decade or so, to change my kid from being so young and helpless, to someone who can lead a successful, fulfilled, and happy life?

Today, I’m beginning a deep dive into the idea of raising successful and fulfilled kids.

The idea was born years ago, when friends would lament the idea of the lack of business and entrepreneurship education in K-12 school.

Then several months ago it crystallized, when a friend, thinking he was motivating his child, changed his boy’s internally-motivated entrepreneurial activity to one with strings attached (the boy wouldn’t get his weekly allowance unless he worked on this previously for-fun, now parent mandated business activity.)

Today I share how you can avoid making this mistake.
Because it IS a huge mistake – and the repercussions can ripple out over your child’s entire adult life.

This is one we really need to get right, so listen in and find out how.

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4 Steps to keeping your kids motivated (so they can grow into successful, fulfilled, happy adults)

1) Recognize what your child is intrinsically drawn to.

2) Support this intrinsic interest.
This is best accomplished in a low key way, asking your child what he likes about it; giving your child time to develop this interest: and investing only the resources your child asks you to invest, i.e. don’t make her take piano lessons when your child just wants to tinker on the piano.

3) Don’t, under any circumstances, put external restrictions on your child’s internally motivated interest.
While it may seem like the right path, it is dangerous! Paying your child for good grades, or making their allowance contingent upon the accomplishment of some hobby-related goal, can backfire badly, driving your child further away from the hobby, and most important further away from you.

4) Support your child’s intrinsic interests, even as they change from one to another.
So she used to be totally into electric violin, and now she’s moved on to skateboarding? That is awesome! She’ll take the lessons learned from the earlier interest into her life, just as Steve Jobs took his interest in calligraphy into his Apple computers, which is why we have so many fonts to play with today.


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