Combating Fear: A Conversation with Mom, Quilter, and Fighter for Justice Cathleen Dinsmore | Podcast Episode 249

Here is Cathleen’s beautiful quilt.

Do you sometimes feel like you are raising your family in mighty frightening times?
So do I.

That’s why, when I learned about the thing of beauty this week’s guest created to combat fear, I knew I had to bring her on the show!

Mom, quilter, poet, and personal friend Cathleen Dinsmore recently created an amazing quilt-and-poem combination. The quilt is breathtaking – and, combined with the poem, fosters conversation around fear, and hope, and justice.

At you can view Cathleen’s amazing quilt, read the beautiful poem,

And here is the poem Cathleen wrote; it accompanies the quilt and brings this whole idea into sharper focus (at least for me).

and prepare to be inspired by the incredible impact one person can have on alleviating fear and inspiring hope.

Go to for:

  • A look at Cathleen’s racial justice quilt, her accompanying poem, and TONS of links that come up in today’s conversation
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  • The video of the week: “Helping when Halloween scares your young child”

And thank you so much for listening!


Video of the Week:



Thank you for listening!

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