Is my parenting style helping or hurting? | Podcast Episode 250

The term “parenting style” feels so nebulous.

But what if your parenting style – what you do in day-to-day interactions with your young child – makes it harder for you to connect, to be happy as you raise your family?

What if it affected, not just your young one’s childhood, but their whole life?

Framed like that, the parenting style we bring isn’t so much nebulous, as important.
Key, even.

Today’s episode digs into the 3 different parenting styles, how they affect your child’s life, and yours.

It’s part two of our “raising successful, fulfilled kids” series, and I hope it’s useful for you!

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The parenting styles and what they mean for you

Permissive Parents: Warm and loving; impose very few, if any, limits on a child’s behavior; have few, if any, expectations; communicate a sense of privileges without responsibilities; described as “the opposite of Helicopter Parents”

Authoritarian Parents: Extremely structured; many limits on a child’s behavior; extremely high expectations; communicate a sense of “ruling with an iron fist;” characterized as cold, with few demonstrations of love

Authoritative Parents: A wonderful happy medium in parenting; warm, loving, nurturing; brings appropriate expectations and limits to child-rearing; offers explanation as to why a rule exists instead of saying “because I said so;” combines the best elements from Permissive and Authoritarian styles


Key Episode Links:

The three types of parenting styles defined:

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  • Click here for the definition of authoritative parenting (and a comparison to authoritarian parenting)

(FYI in this episode I read from one article which compares authoritarian parenting to authoritarian regimes. In going back to find these links, that is the one link that I couldn’t find. Sorry!)

In case you were wondering, yes, the Afghanistan beard thing is true; read this Associated Press article from December 1998 to find out more.

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