In praise of positive discipline | What the American Academy of Pediatrics thinks about spanking | Podcast episode 252

I love this picture. Mom and son, strong together : )

I did a happy dance a few weeks ago when I read that American Academy of Pediatrics has revised its guidelines on spanking and corporal punishment. This 67,000-doctor organization is coming out strongly against spanking, humiliating, and frightening children as discipline.

Today I’m rebroadcasting my conversation with former AAP president, Dr. Benard Dreyer. Dr. Dreyer gave such wonderful advice for parents as we raise our kids, and to my surprise it’s been more than 2 years since this interview first aired! Time flies.

In the preshow, before our conversation, I read from the newspaper article that had me doing my happy dance, “Spanking is harmful, ineffective, group says.”

Hope you enjoy this episode, and that it helps you remember to keep your discipline positive!

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