3 Ways for you to be less stressed | Podcast episode 253

If only every day could be about pajamas and Lego dinosaurs.

Today I share how the stress I was under 7 1/2 years ago resulted in a lifelong tendon disorder.

I was so busy running our household and putting everyone else first, I did not pay attention to my health.

I really want you to learn from my mistake.

Today’s show focuses on how our stress isn’t just bad for us. It’s bad for our kids, too.

We also dig into the stresses of “intensive” parenting (a.k.a. helicopter or lawnmower parenting). And as you’ll see, that form of parenting stresses everybody out.

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In this episode I offer three ways for you to be less stressed, not just now as we get into the holiday season (and everyone is pretty well at the end of their rope) but about how you can be less stressed over the long haul.

It’s Part 3 of the “how to raise successful, fulfilled, happy people” series, and I hope it helps you enjoy the time you spend with your littles!

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How to get less stressed

1) Make the most of the time you spend with your kids.
If you have a tendency to hover and micromanage your young child’s minutes, hours, and days, I recommend that you change the time you spend doing that over to spending quality time with your kids.

Making the most of the time you spend with kids means:

  • Choosing activities and playthings that promote open-ended play.
  • Staying in the background sometimes, and letting them explore these activities and playthings on their own.
  • When you do jump in and spend time with them, to be less stressed this time should be for open-ended activities and screen free.

2) Pay attention to your exercise, sleep, nutrition, and hydration.
Today I share how the stress I was under 7 1/2 years ago resulted in a lifelong tendon disorder.

I was so busy running our household and putting everyone else first, I did not pay attention to these factors.

I really want you to learn from my mistake.

3) Spend time doing what you love.
Is it a hobby, or a sport, or just sitting somewhere quietly and reading?
If we’re going to cut down on stress, we must spend time doing what we love. For me it’s this show! What is it for you?

If someone’s critical of you because you are honoring these three tenets, and you feel that pressure, remember Dr. Laura Markham’s quote (which in podcast time will be on a future show, but which I share about today): “I’m not taking my cues from the outside world. I take my cues from my child.”

If you reduce the stress, you have a better chance of raising a successful, fulfilled, happy child because the “emotional contagion” (which we discuss in this episode) you share with your child is one of connection, engagement, and enjoyment. At least most of the time.

So, don’t take your cues from the outside world. Take your cues from within yourself, and claim your right to enjoy this life!

That way, you are modeling happiness and fulfillment for your young child.

And you are also enjoying it for yourself.


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